2016 and Beyond!

Posted 20 months ago by Tim Morrison


Hey everyone,

See ya later 2016! We played some great shows... Arena tour with Disturbed and Saint Asonia... Needless to say that was pretty amazing. Touring in the winter in western Canada and the US midwest can be pretty dicey, but we made it home in one piece and got the music to a bunch of new people, which is always the goal. 

The rest of the year was spent fighting the good fight behind the scenes. After ten years together (a fact of which we are very proud) you learn a few things. If it was easy, most bands would make it to 10 years. But it isn't, and they don't. You gotta be able roll with the changes and do it for the right reasons.  We've been through literally everything you can imagine in this business, and we're still here. As it turns out, we're seeing the biggest spike in Spotify listeners to date and our music continues to find new fans all over the world. So thank you for that!

We've got big plans in 2017! Two major pieces of the puzzle have been put in place. One with respect to the lineup (great guy and you won't believe who he has played with) and one with respect to new music. We'll be announcing some news next week that we're really proud of. So stay tuned...Rock ain't Dead!

Again to our friends and fans... Thanks for your loyalty and thanks for allowing us to do what we love!