Age of Days returns to the studio in May!

Posted 18 months ago

Vanhowes studio
Award-winning, Canadian artists Age of Days are returning to Van Howes Studios (Los Angeles) in May, to work with acclaimed producer Brian Howes.

Howes has earned the reputation as one of popular music’s most prolific and successful songwriters/producers. He has been instrumental in creating memorable hits for
 Skillet, Hinder, Daughtry, Puddle of Mudd, Nickelback, Simple Plan, Airbourne, Hedley and has also penned songs with Chris Cornell and Keith Urban, to name a few.

"We really wanted to challenge ourselves musically this time... and Brian is the guy to do it," says vocalist
 Tim Morrison who, along with bassist Matt McLaughlin, co-wrote songs with Howes for their last album radioactivity. "We didn't want to play it safe, or limit ourselves... all bets are off this time and we’re excited for what’s next for us.”

That enthusiasm is shared by
Mascioli Entertainment Corp's Mike Mascioli who handles the band's day to day management. "Howes will be working closely with Age of Days to guide them musically and to really push them artistically in the studio. I also believe Brian will bring the best opportunity to succeed at Active Rock radio in the United States and, of course, in the band's home country of Canada... plus opening doors to Asia, Europe and even Australia. We are taking Age of Days globally with this new record and this is just the beginning."

Fresh off recent success with Skillet, Howes will oversee the next chapter in the musical evolution of Age of Days, a staple at rock radio, who’ve recently toured with the likes of
 Disturbed, Papa Roach, Halestorm, Buckcherry and Pop Evil. The band expects to drop its first single to rock radio early this summer.

Visit the band's official website for studio updates and behind the scenes videos, along with upcoming tour information, to be announced…
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