Disturbed Tour Recap - Matt

Posted 2 years ago

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Hey everyone! Finally getting a chance to do a proper tour recap from our February dates with Disturbed and Saint Asonia.

Have to begin by thanking the Disturbed team for having us out. Tours like these don't come along every day. Our goal has always been about getting the music out to as many people as possible. We've played every type of venue, with every type of band, but arena rock is the best. It goes back to seeing your idols in concert as a kid. Bands who say they prefer "intimate" venues to arenas are full of it, or have never played an arena ha. Now don't get me wrong, we've played awesome club shows too. But, there's no replacement for walking up the ramp to the big stage.

And this was definitely the big stage! Disturbed's production was full-on- lights, staging, pyro. Obviously, these guys care about giving the fans their money's worth.

We were first of three bands, followed by Saint Asonia and the headliners. Opening for a heavy band like Disturbed might seem intimidating. But, we've learned over the years that you just need to do your thing well, and the crowd will dig it.

The crowd reaction was great every night! We try to treat our set as a headlining set, while still respecting the band that brought you out. Have to say, having Dan Donegan come up to us before the second show and say how great we sounded the first night, was a highlight. The same goes for the crew guys. They don't have to say nice things. But, they did and we certainly appreciated that. As an opener, part of your job is to work with the crew to make the night goes smoothly. (Shout out to our bud Detroit if you read this). It was great that we got to socialize a couple nights with the Disturbed crew and the Saint Asonia guys. We'll leave the details for now, but let's say they were what you might expect on a rock tour ;)

As for the crowds, most people want to let loose at a rock show, they just need the opportunity. Tim is great at working the crowd. Having the fans sing songs you wrote back to you is still one the best moments you can have on stage. And we got that every night with Afflicted. Its still nice to win over new fans too. We always try to meet people after every show. Met a lot of younger kids who that night was their first ever concert. To be part of a night that they'll remember forever is pretty amazing. On the whole, that time on stage, when the crowd is into it, is the payoff for all the work that goes into being a band.

Coming off a great tour can be a bit of a let down but it won't be long til we are back out there. Right now we are focused on new music. We've got one song in the can and we are writing and lining up things for the summer and fall... Stay tuned!