Keep on Truckin'

Posted 2 years ago by Tim Morrison

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Hey everyone, I thought I’d give ya’ll a little update, first off winter is gone….and winter…it’s time to roll down the windows and take your top off (if you have a convertible ;) and crank the tunes! I was doing that today listening to the brand spankin new AOD single and let me tell you…it sounds KILLER!!

We co-wrote and recorded it with award winning producer Gavin Brown (Three Days Grace, Skillet, Billy Talent, Tragically Hip and more) at Noble Street Studios in Toronto, if you have never been to a recording studio let me tell you Noble Street is awesome in every aspect, exactly what you picture a studio to be.

Now back to the music, the new music is essentially an evolution for us from the last album…I find the new music a little darker and edgier but still sticking to our melodic rock approach, oh and I should say some guitar riffage...yes lot’s of riffage (is that a word? well it is now) anyway I’m really proud of the new music and we’re getting some AMAZING feedback with some of our industry friends and that’s a great sign…I find sometimes when you are really close with the music it’s hard to be objective.

One thing I like to do and I mentioned it on some Facebook posts is I like to listen to the new music we demo and record in my vehicle, ya know the place where most people crank it and listen to it on their daily travels…I may look like an idiot singing along to my own music cranked but hey…no one has heard it yet so I can get away with it…it just gives me time to focus on the music and listen to it in a real atmosphere and try to be objective, the first single sounds AMAZING did I mention that already lol, it was mixed by Randy Staub (Metallica, Nickelback, Bon Jovi) to name a few so you can imagine it sounds badass cranked up...I’m really proud of the music we’ve created being a little band from a small town in New Brunswick Canada sharing the stage with some massive bands and having our music heard and shared around the globe…I’m a big believer in do what makes you happy and enjoying your time on this planet cause who the hell knows when your ticket may be punched…but for now we’re working hard on getting this new album together and looking forward to seeing ya’ll on tour soon.

Until then here’s a lame selfie of me cruisin’ the streets listening to our soon to be released new single……

Rock ain’t dead!